Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010


Here's the sigil I just completed for NWN!'s ten year anniversary. I think it will be on some shirts and stuff, we'll see.... Also just finished the cover painting for the upcoming TRUPPENSTURM album, "Salute To The Iron Emperors", can't wait to hear the finished product of this one.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


These just came out, like today I think. I did the bat logo on the front way back in like 2008 or something, anyways, go buy a copy, NUNSLAUGHTER rules. They have shirts with the logo I did also available at HELLS HEADBANGERS. Here's a review of it stolen right off the HHR site...

The Masters of Devil Metal Death with their latest EP for February 2010 simply dubbed "Black" in reference to the visual aesthetic of the peculiar packaging. Features four brand new studio blasphemies that you won't find on any of their other 100+ releases: Fuck The Bastard, Before You Cast A Spell, Yet The Odor Still Lingers, Grave, Grave.
*CD version: -BLACK disc with black ink printed on a black booklet

*7" Vinyl version: -First 100 hand-numbered copies on CLEAR Vinyl with bible page jacket & embroidered patch of the cover logo (bible pages ripped & mounted by Don of the Dead). All other copies on Black Vinyl with black hard-board jacket & insert printed with black ink.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Check out and while your at it, check out Thanks to Jeff Wright from both blogs for putting two of my pieces on the readers art page.

Also, check out this cat's Blog .
Tell him ole Josh Mac sent you.


VICTORY! Finally got to print these off!

There's been a lot of obstacles, but now everything is running smoothly. I printed these myself (yes that's my kitchen in the photo) and made about 16. They will be for sale when Y-PESTIS.COM is up and running, which will be very soon I promise! If these sell I'll re print some more, also, next up is a print of a design I did for one of my all time favorite bands, the HOOKERS! I have the screen all ready to go, it's just a matter of time. That one will look like this...

Since I'm printing these myself I'll be able to keep the price pretty low, not sure of the exact total yet, but like I said, it won't be anything crazy. A huge thanks to Hemlock Ink in Somerville for helping me out with the screens, those guys are great and really professional. Check them out HERE.

Also, just got a copy of the GREAT new split from NOCTURNAL GRAVES and HELLSPIRIT!

Been listening to it nonstop since it came in the mail the other day, can't wait to hear more new NOCTURNAL GRAVES material, which apparently will be happening soon. Buy NOCTURNAL GRAVES shit HERE.

When I got home the other night it looked like this.

Anyways, up next for illustration stuff for me is a bunch of stuff for NUCLEAR WAR NOW! including the NWN Fest 2 poster, and I'll be trying to finish up an image for IN SOLITUDE.
Currently listening to

More shit soon...

Monday, February 15, 2010


Pleeeze click the link below, and don't forget to hit "finish" after voting. It's kinda unclear. Thanks!!

The Phoenix

Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Dig this, here's the ad I recently made for Y-PESTIS.COM. It will be in the next issue of SNAKEPIT! Out soon I think...


I was recently asked to contribute to the forthcoming book, BLACK METAL (R)EVOLUTION, and submitted my thoughts about the classsssick album DON'T BREAK THE OATH! Check out the site HERE. One of my all time favorite albums, and definitely my favorite album cover of all time!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Haven't posted in about a week or so, here's what's been happening...
I went to my good friend Coco Roy's art opening in Jamaica Plain.

She's the man, only like the woman version, check her shit out at- .
The bathroom at this place blew my mind, I think there was a mummified cat behind the toilet.

Monday- Had breakfast (see below) with my buddy Chad Chesko ( who is currently tattooing me from my collar bones to my hips, which feels more like, what I like to call, a "living autopsy" than an actual tattoo.

...and got a copy of SHE BEAST on VHS (clamshell, Gorgon Video).

Lastly, here's a bunch of sketches that I've been working on...
1. Preliminary logo sketch for FORCED KILL from Finland. Seem like great guys, this is the first sketch I sent them, I'll be making a bunch of changes. Check them out at-

2.IN SOLITUDE (Sweden), Shirt design. Love this band. Also a quick sketch, which will be changed allot before the final...

3. Here's the sketch for the next full length from the German band TRUPPENSTURM. I was lucky enough to get some previews of the new songs, and from the sound of it, this album will be a total ripper. It will be out soon on Van Records. Both TRUPPENSTURM and Van Records have been really great to work with, please support them. ,

4. Lastly, here's the sketch for the shirt I'm doing for the legendary, highly influential SACRILEGE from England. Pretty into this image, it's the second version I sent Tony from SAC, I liked the first, but I like this one allot more. The bottom of the image will read, "Time To Face The Reaper". Tony is the original Bass player for SACRILEGE, and also was in The VARUKERS, great guy.

That's it, more soon.