Monday, June 21, 2010


Below is a link to an interview I just did for an online Tattoo zine from Ireland(?), which I believe will be in the next issue of the printed version of their zine. I love doing tattoos and feel very privileged that it's what i do for a living. That being said, I usually try to distance myself from the tattoo community because I find it to be very "clicky", full of name droppers, unoriginality and pretty much like any other "scene" it festers with scenesters. Scenesters in my eyes, act/think/dress according to the parameters of the "scene" they want to fit into. This is fine for some folks (mostly young ones) but doesn't interest me. I have plenty of good friends who are tattooers, but like I said, I prefer to stay away from the community.
At first I had reservations about contributing to the site, but I realized it was a chance for me to say a few things about tattooing that I haven't heard others say before. Things that to me appear to very much out in the open, but that tattooers seem to pretend don't exist.
Anyway, check out the interview HERE, and check out the one they did with my co worker Mike HERE.

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